Obsidian Integration

Are we able to directly import .md files (e.g. Obsidian)? Not sure if anyone has requested this integration yet.

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For those of us who come from Obsidian and markdown, it is essential to be able to import from those. I’m trying to import an Obsidian vault so I can evaluate myReach as a potential replacement.

Hey Skyler & Alfredo,

Thanks for your feedback and input!

We recently released a quick solution to be able to import md. files – it’s live in the app but not currently the most intuitive to get to… we are working on changing it so its more intuitive.

For now the way to import .md files as notes is the following

  1. Click on create node – in the top right section you will see the “integration” icon, click on it
  2. Select “Markdown” from the import as notes options

We are changing the flow to make it more intuitive.

On the other hand we will add the Obsidian integration to our roadmap!

Hope that helps and thanks for the input


Christopher Payne