Markdown support

This is a absolute must for me.

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Hi Benjamin! The text editor we currently have is a first version we released a few months ago. We’ve been working on building our own, which will be released in the next few weeks!
It’s a proprietary text editor which will enable you to create in-text mentions, add attachments, properties, etc.
Since it’s our own editor, it’s not based on markdown. What are the things about markdown that you see the greatest value, that should be a must in myReach?

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I feel this needs markdown support. I’ve honestly stopped using it because it doesn’t have it.

I totally agreed, markdown support to modern note taking app is almost an essential feature !!

Definitely support it

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Hi Benjamin and Andrew,

A couple months back we mentioned on a previous post Markdown support that we were working on a new text editor.

The release of it has been slightly delayed as we added a considerable amount of additional functionalities to it. We are fine tuning the last couple of things and should release it in the next couple of weeks!

What are the things about markdown that you see the greatest value, that should be a must in myReach? By Markdown support, are you referring mainly to the written shortcuts for automatic formatting?

Thank you for your continuous support!

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Markdown input is now becoming the ‘industry standard’ for major notetaking apps, like Obsidian, Notion, Craft, Ulysses and Draft. Google also recognized its trend and their Google Doc & Slide has markdown support. As a matter of fact, I believe the forum (discourse) we are using now is using markdown in the background.

Markdown language enables use to have feature rich text, including headings, lists, even tables with very small file sizes. I have over 700 daily notes in Obsidian and the total size is only 3MB. The use of markdown is also future proof and makes it easy for transporting the files to any app. Again, using Obsidian as an example, even I stop using Obsidian one day, my files can be opened by any app supporting markdown (and there are plenty of good apps both FOSS and paid). I cannot stress the importance and benefits of using non-propriatary file formats. The alternative is to have great exporting function of our data into such formats like markdown files or textbundle files.

The above is only my own view, and I let Benjamin elaborate on his initial request

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Markdown would definitely be useful for when exporting …

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Ok I unfortunately still have the same complaint about Markdown support. It takes too many taps to have to select text then go to the formatting menu and find what button I need and then tap back into the editor, select more text, rinse and repeat. Markdown would make this so much easier. You don’t have to remove the WYSIWYG editor, just add Markdown in addition.

Markdown would definitely be useful for when exporting …

this is a duplicate of this request, would be great to consolidate the discussion into one post

I’ll try adopting this without markdown support but historically I don’t stick with anything that doesn’t have it. Especially with ProseMirror making it so easy to implement these days.

Hey Skyler,

We’ve added not too long ago some markdown functionalities like the ability to import a markdown file and convert it into a note. We equally added some markdown shortcuts but to be honest with you I agree there is still a lot of improvements we need to make with notes and a more seamless “markdown” experience.

We have a couple other urgent fronts open at the moment but once we are done with those we’ll put back some focus on markdown.

Thanks for you patience

Keep Reaching

Christopher Payne

The problem is that I can only import ONE file at a time - I wanna move from Mem.AI to you and have around 450-500 files - most of the bigger ones arent even able to import and also I dont want to select each file one by one :frowning:
Please help us here by getting markdown a standard

Hey Robin,

In case you didn’t see it, I answered to a similar question you asked here

Separately, in this post I talk on how to import .md files.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Christopher Payne