Markdown import for multiple files

I currently try to move from “Mem.AI” to MyReach however I dont find a way to import my notes (around 500 MD files) - I only can select them one by one and as soon as the files contain more stuff I get a “cant create node at this time” error.
How can I import my Mem Notes (they are exportable as JSON or MD) so I can move to you?

I tried importing a ZIP file - gives me an error as well.


Hey Robin,

Thank you for pointing out the issue pertaining to multiple .md file uploads – will check with the team why it only allows 1 upload at a time and change it to allow you to make multiple uploads.

In the meantime, if you are eager to upload them all at once in bulk, I know its not a perfect solution… but you can go to the Quip integration and upload all your .md files at once.

With regards to your comment “as soon as the files contain more stuff” what exactly do you mean? What does it contain to try and figure out why its not letting you import the .md file.

Will keep you posted as soon as the multiple upload issue is solved but in the meantime I hope that helps


Christopher Payne


THanks for the tip regarding uip - however it still ony lets me upload one file.
It tells me “You can only do one “Quip Pages” integration at a time.” :frowning:

Also how can I already used up 100 of my “recommendations” ? this cant be as I maybe used the feature two or 3 times and each time I had around 5 recommendations. Or is this consistent with the number of nodes uploaded?

Also if you could add a functionality to either import one but BIG markdown file and then automatically truncate it at the "- - - " this could also be useful.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

ahahaha this error message seems to be a bug or I actually tried to start the INTEGRATION twice - the notes are still uploading :slight_smile:

Hahaha probable something got confused along the way but glad to hear the items are being uploaded!

With regards to the recommendations will check with the team and get back to you ASAP

Thanks for the continuous feedback!! :raised_hands:t2:

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Thank you very much for checking out! I just checked again - all “Limits” I am having are okay except recommendations they are completely filled out


100 / 100

Remaining recommendations


Monthly recommendations


By the way how will we able to inrease the limits? by buying a better subscription tier? via credits? how are those things planned?

Thank you again! :slight_smile:

Hey Robin,

The node recommendations is actually an experimental feature we released not too long ago as a first version – that being said in the next couple of weeks we’ll be releasing one considerably more robust and better.

The best of all, is that with the new version of recommendations we will remove all limitations and make it limitless :smiley:

With regards to the premium version – we will be releasing in the next month or so with essentially higher number of Nodes and greater quota for the chat. You will be able to pay normally or with credits :slight_smile:

Will keep you posted as soon as we have it live


Christopher Payne