YouTube nodes in last version

Hello, sharing YouTube videos has changed? Since the last update? I no longer see the title and other things

Hi @DenisCad,

Thanks for your message.

Everything should be working fine with sharing YouTube videos, nothing has changed!

Some videos might just take a little longer to show all the extracted content, title, image, etc. After you refresh the page, does it then show the title and other things?


@sofia what do you mean by refresh ?
These are screenshots and examples of what I’m seeing.
I have just tried to insert it again and it gives the same result?

Link :

Hi @DenisCad,

Thanks for getting back to us and for sharing the details of the issue.

It appears that the reason we can’t extract the name, image or content of the video is that for some reason the Youtube API is not sending any of it… Frankly not too sure why, the only hypothesis is that since the video is fairly old youtube hasn’t processed it.

For all other videos we have tested the functionality is working just like before.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused but it seems there is little we can do to solve the issue for this video…

Keep Reaching


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