When I upload pictures from my iPhone I don't see the metadata (location, creation date, etc...)

When I upload pictures from my iPhone It doesn’t extract any metadata (location, creation date, etc…) but when I upload it from my computer it does…

Hi Mike,

Thank you for highlighting this issue.

It appears that the underlying reason why the metadata is not being extracted from the images you are uploading from your iPhone us not a bug from our end but due to the default configurations of Apple. You can read more about this in the following thread ios - File Upload and EXIF in mobile Safari - Stack Overflow

To summarize the thread, in order for the metadata to be uploaded with the picture you need to chnage a setting of your Camera to Most compatible rather than High Efficiency.

These are the steps you need to follow :
Settings –> Camera –> Format –> Most Compatible

If you have any issue or additional questions please do let us know!

Thanks again for your support!

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