When i upload 1000 documents, will the search return all occurrences of searched item?

I need to upload more than 1000 documents, and then get in the search results all occurrences of searched item. Other tools i tested do similarity search and create chat answer based on up to 12 found results. I am looking for a research tool that can find all relevant information, not just limited number. Is myReach capable of such?

Hi @miro2,

Welcome to myReach and thanks for writing us!

The way that our AI works, is when you start a new chat the AI searches your entire knowledge base (including all 1000 documents) to find the most relevant data for the answer. It then provides these sources in the response. Please bare in mind that for the chat to work best, your questions have to be specific. For instance, instead of asking to list all documents containing X or Y, ask precise questions about the content of your documents.

I hope this answers your question.