What happen if we exceed the 5000 nodes limit

It seems that my current plan has a limit of 5000 nodes. I am using over 20% already in less than a week. Should I just slow down?

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Hi Andrew,

Thank you for asking! Since we are still in Beta, we are continuously fine tuning and improving the product and haven’t yet created any premium plans.

We have put for the time being a 5’000 node cap purely to avoid abuse of the product. That being said if you happen to reach the limit please do let us know and we will happily increase your quota.

Thank you for your continuous support and if you have any issues or recommendations please do let us know!!

Hope we as an early user can have more generous cap in the future when you roll out premium plan. For example, Storage is the true cost for Myreach instead of Node. You can feel free to cap Storage, and do not limit the numbers of Node. Thanks.


I reached my chat limit last month and expect I will again so how do I increase my limit? I would happily pay for a premium plan. I saw a similar note suggesting I reach out to the MyReach team but I didn’t know another way to connect with the team other than this forum. Thanks!

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Hi @Treyrea,

It’s great to see you’re using the App so extensively! :raised_hands:

We haven’t yet finalised the payment structure, but I’ll be sure to let you know once it’s live. In the meantime, I’ve sent you an email - I think you’ll find it quite useful!

In terms of reaching out to the myReach team, the Forum is always the best place to reach us! So if you’ve got any feature requests or bugs to report, feel free to write us in the Forum and we’ll get back to you!

Have a great weekend!

Love Reach,still getting to grips with it, Would like to use for everying, but worried about storage …Google storage just a mess …photos, Gmail, etc etc …adds up quickly, hard to delete in bulk easily.
How to “REACH” everyone on the planet and "Save everyone’s problem…Storage Space​:bulb::bulb::+1::blush:.Over to You “Reach” out to the masses