We need a native Mac app. This most recent update blew my mind. Selecting multiple graphs at once

We just need a much better note taking experience and I don’t see how anyone could choose anything else as their second brain app.

Hi Benjamin thank you very much for your message! We are incredibly happy to hear you liked our latest release!

Regarding the Desktop Application it is a top priority! We have a couple new very exciting features coming out in the next few weeks! Once those are released our full focus will be the desktop version!

Will make sure to let you know as soon as we have a working Beta version to get your feedback and views!

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Love the mobile app but would be amazing if I could use MyReach on my desktop

Thanks for your feedback! That is definitely up there on our roadmap for this year but first we want to finalise some key features :wink:

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Not sure if this is the same thing but I noticed screenshots on the plug-in pages for Chrome and Firefox that show a desktop view configuration that is much better than anything I have found a way to use so if this is possible please do let me know and I upvote this 100% !

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Hi Sixdof thank you very much for your message.

Indeed the Chrome and Firefox plugin show a desktop view of the application. We are very glad to hear you like it! That is actually the very first version we had of myReach.

A year ago however we decided to focus on Mobile first and we put on hold the desktop version. That being said it is a top priority!

As soon as we have the first Beta version up and running will make sure to give you access to get your thoughts and feedback!

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Love the mobile app but would be amazing if I could use MyReach on my desktop

Mac OS Native App

This is a feature I’ve been waiting for with MyReach. I honestly have a ton of suggestions that I think would help MyReach become the number one knowledge management software for both personal and professional use cases. It is one of the main things holding me back from using it more often.

I do spend a lot of my time on my phone, I do a lot of my consumption and capturing with my phone. The issue is, when it’s time to cultivate and actually do the work, the thinking and formatting and everything I do it on my desktop. There’s currently no reliable way to access Reach on desktop.


Hi Benjamin,

You are absolutely right we’ve had desktop as a top priority for a long time. I completely agree with you that a good desktop experience is imperative since as you correctly mention its much easier to deep dive into your knowledge from a desktop than a mobile phone.

Truth is, these last couple of months we’ve been distracted with incorporating and developing various AI and chat functionalities to automate and transform the search experience for users.

The good news is that these last few weeks our main focus has turned back to Desktop and we plan on releasing some improvements in the next coming weeks.

If you have time, I would love to jump on a quick call with you to discuss your ideas and suggestions for desktop! Please let me know when would work best for you

In the meantime here is a quick taster on what the final look and feel will be for desktop.

Look forward to hear back from you!


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Any update on the native macOS app? Also, will it be compatible with both Apple Silicon (M1/M2) and also Intel Macs?


We are currently putting most of our effort in adapting the look and feel to desktop in order to have an optimum desktop experience whilst using myReach on your browser.

A 100% native version of myReach will come after once we’ve finished :slight_smile:

Keep Reaching,

Christopher Payne

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