Utilize Mac Sharing Menu...?

In a perfect world, I could create nodes using the Sharing menu. As when sharing through Add(ing) Bookmark or Notes, once myReach is chosen, a dialog allows selection of specific type.

It’s an elegant, familiar, and well-supported feature. Opens quite a few doors too, I think. But, what do you think?

Hi Julie,

Thanks for your feedback!

I assume you are referring to the sharing functionality from your mobile phone? That is something you can currently do in myReach for websites, images, video, audio notes, and files.

When you share something to myReach it automatically saves it in the workspace you last used. To do so click on share and select myReach (see attached picture)

Keep Reaching


Actually, I am using web access to my account on my MacBook Pro quite a bit. It has the sharing capacity but no integration with Reach. I use Safari. I prefer Chrome but I crash it way too fast because it’s a ram hog.

Every Mac app I use has sharing features. I just want to send stuff I find, edit, or create to Reach easily.

Thanks, J