To many workspaces

Upon importing my Evernote, I noticed an obscene number of workspaces had been created. I really don’t need all that for Evernote. Is there a way to move the nodes in each workspace to a single workspace that contains all my notes and then delete nodes and workspaces I don’t need? Because I’m up against that 5k limit as well.
Can you make it a touch more intuitive for those of us who love your product but aren’t analysts not are slated to be so.
This app could potentially give Evernote reason to fear if it continues in this direction. I could not think of another note taking app that comes close to what Evernote does, until now!

:pray:t5: Thank you

Hi @xlacres,

Thanks for your feedback and kind words about myReach! :sparkles:

Your request is actually already in our Development Roadmap! We’re working on changing the format of the Evernote integration so everything is saved into one Workspace, rather than creating a Workspace per Notebook (as it currently is now).

With the new change, it will all be in one Workspace and a Tag will be created per Notebook with an automatic connection to each item in the Notebook.

ie. 10 Notebooks = 1 Workspace with 10 Tags

instead of

10 Notebooks = 10 Workspaces

Hope this helps! If you have any further feedback about the Evernote integration, don’t hesitate to let me know. Now that we’re working on it, we would be happy to try and solve any issues.