The "Saved to myReach" property

When I save a webpage or enter a quick note, the chances that I will later care about where I was physically sitting at the time is very low. Yet this irrelevant piece of data is a default property that cannot be disabled, so far as I can see.

Normally I remember to remove this unwanted property, but not always. So I decided to filter for that property existing, so I could mass-delete it from all nodes at once. But no, apparently you cannot make filters that address the “Saved to myReach” property.

If it’s usually not relevant to the node content, and you can’t even filter for it, what good is that property other than for compiling pattern-of-life data on the user?

Hi @BigFluffySheep,

The reason there is a default Location Property when you save a node is because many users were asking for this feature – for cases where you don’t remember the name of the file you saved, but you know exactly where you were when you saved it.

This being said, we have added it to the roadmap to disable it being a default property, so every user can choose whether they want to see it or not.

Hope this helps!