The app is waaay too slow

From the moment I click the “Create” CTA to when I can interact with the created resource (a Tag for example) it takes up to 12 seconds.
The app is amazing and I can imagine that is creating an incredible amount of things and storing them, but it makes the app almost unusable to setup or use in time sensitive situations (taking notes at a classroom fore example) and the experience is really crappy.
I would recommend to test if the “creation” of those resources can happen in background, making only the indispensable validations before allowing the user to interact again with the app and doing other things (backups and stuff) asynchronously.
I really believe this app can be amazing if the UX were much much faster and smooth

[English is not my first lenguaje, please ask me if something is not completely clear]

Hi Federico,

Thank you very much for your feedback!

You are completely right, our Achilles heel is speed… Which is why we have made it the number one priority of these last couple of months!

We’ve been working on major structural changes in both our backend databases as well as in the front end, improving the speed, performance and overall Ux of the app!

I am very pleased to let you know that after all this time, we are just finalizing the final fine tunes and bug fixes before releasing the update! If everything goes according to plan in the next couple of days we will be making the release!

Will make sure to keep you posted – hopefully with this release you will find considerable improvements.

Look forward to hear your thoughts and if you have any further feedback please do let us know

Thank you for your support and keep Reaching


Christopher Payne

Hi Federico,

Not sure if you have had the time to test our latest release but we have drastically improved the speed of node creation!

There are still several additional improvements we are working on to further optimise the speed of the app but hope this first major changes improves your experience using the app

If you have any further feedback or experience any other problems please do let us know!

Keep Reaching!

Christopher Payne