Side view/Split view Feature

Hi Reach Team,

I have thought of something while typing notes in class : It occurred to me a couple of times that I had to go look at something in a document while I was typing in a Reach Note. I therefore had to exit my note, go take a quick look at whatever pdf/ppt (stored in my Reach) and then go back to my note taking. That creates a sometimes inconvenient break in the workflow (especially in a fast paced note taking activity in class). But, since most documents we are going to view in class are determinable in advance, I think it could be interesting and very practical to have a “MacOS Sideview”-like function in reach, allowing you to type in your note and view a pdf/ppt/other document stored in reach all in the same window.

Thanks, Cheers!


Hi Maxence,

Thank you for your feedback! For the moment the product has only been optimized for the mobile experience. We have however started working on the desktop version.

We will investigate if we could do something similar to what you are referring to and will get back to you. Nevertheless to manage expectations, at a first glance, this specific feature request is not straightforward for us due to how we have built the architecture of the product

Keep on Reaching!


Christopher Payne

Understood, thanks for the reply! Sounds good!