Rich doesn’t see all of my data

In a workspace, “school” for my college assignments, I have 48 assignments as notes with properties like due dates and a status.

In the default chat, Rich saw some of my assignments. Like five of them. I made a new chat with a scope of just the “school” workspace and Rich was able to identify two assignments only, out of the total of 48.

This app seems really cool and I do a lot of PKM stuff in Obsidian already, I’m looking to switch over to here entirely but this bug is preventing me from doing so.

Thanks in advance

In addition, it’s throwing me false information- this node was marked done for example, but Rich told me it was marked to do

Apparently I can only upload one image per post, but the second screenshot is of the assignment- it’s marked done, not to do


Thanks for your feedback! Let me try and give you some context as to how Rich works and why it acted this way.

  • Rich is optimized to answer specific questions based on the content of your saved items, it was not designed to perform natural search and return purely a list of results. That is actually a separate functionality we have been working on, a powerful natural search.

  • Rich currently learns all the content of the node but we haven’t yet trained him to learn properties, meaning that it is currently unable to interpret the value of the properties set on a node. This is also something we are working on, but currently the chat can only answer questions based on the content of your saved nodes.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions

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