Rich Chat says that it does not have access to documents registered in Wokspace

When I ask Rich for a response after reviewing the documents in particular workspace, it examines very few documents and responds. When I give the prompt to review all documents, it gives the same answer again. In fact, when I ask him to review a certain document in the workspace, he states that it does not have access to the document, but when he does this, the document he states that he cannot access is available in the relations option under the answer and the answer is

Hi @Hakanerman! Thanks for your feedback.

This sounds like it’s happening because of the structure of the prompts in the conversation.

As a Chatbot, you need to give Rich context and specific questions for it to understand what you’re looking for within your data. The more precise your questions are, the better the answers will be. In addition, the more context you give in your prompts, the easier it is for Rich to answer.

For instance, rather than saying: “Summarise the notes of my last meeting”,
it’s better to say: “Summarise the notes from the meeting with John Adams about ACME’s strategy”.

This way, Rich can understand what notes you’re talking about. Same thing applies with documents, files and anything you save. Often, if Rich can’t answer a question it’s a matter of rephrasing it and giving more context.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further issues with Rich.


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