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Hi Reach Team!

Last week, I realized that one of my documents was corrupted (for reasons unrelated to reach). The document in question had multiple relationships linked to it, I then uploaded the good, uncorrupted file again and obviously had to “remake” all the relationships, wich was fine considering that the file didn’t have 30, 50 or 100+ relationships but if it did, I imagine that it would have been quite time consuming and maybe frustrating. That is why I think a “Replace” function in the three little dots on the top right corner (when viewing the “file menu”) could be quite neat. It would allow to replace a corrupted (like in my case) or simply wrong file while keeping all the relationships, thus saving time and making things easier.

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Hi Maxence,

Thank you for your feedback!

That is an interesting feature request! Will discuss it with the team to see if we can squeeze it in into one of the next releases!

Will let you know when we have it ready for release

Thank you for the support!

Christopher Payne

Awesome, thanks. Great to help!

Hi Maxence,

With a little delay, but letting you know we released this feature last month.

If you want to update a file, go to the node in question, click on the options button (3 dots, top right of the screen), and you will see the option “Upload New Version” under the Advanced Options.

Hope this helps!