Question about Prompting for AI (Rich)

Hello! I recently discovered myReach and am really quite blown away with it, but I have a question about how the AI works. I was using before coming over to myReach and mem is mess and no where near as thought out as Reach, but the AI on it is incredible at understanding questions and making connections. I’m noticing most of the prompts I ask Rich unfortunately result in an answer along the lines of “I’m sorry, I don’t have access to that” even after Rich has learned it and matter how I phrase the prompt. I have noticed that files seem to work better than notes, but even when I save notes as files I run into the same issue. I wanted to see if its something I’m doing wrong or some other issue. I pasted the same AI generated journal entry into myReach and and started asking each ai the same questions about it just so I could attach an example here. I’m happy to provide additional info if its helpful. I’ve tried this prompt on the IOS app and windows. Thanks!


Hi Parker,

Sorry for not having replied to you earlier! We’ve been all hands on deck working on the Google Drive integration that will enable users to import and synchronize (one way) their entire Google drive so they can search through it by simply asking questions directly to Rich. Hoping to release it in the next weeks once when we finish testing it :slight_smile:

First of all want to thank you for the kind words! Super happy to hear you are enjoying the product!!

With regards to the AI and Rich’s ability to answer questions – we are releasing this week some improvements and fixes that should improve his performance. Amongst other things, we recently found that if the memory was enabled the quality of the chat worsened – that is fixed with this next release.

Separately, as you mention, we’ve noticed that questions that are more content based (ie content from documents) Rich answers very well. That being said questions that are phrased with a more “personal” tone (like your example) he struggles… We are looking on how to improve it and fix it.

Will make sure to keep you posted as soon as we have any additional improvements and fine tunes regarding Rich!

Keep Reaching and thanks again for the great feedback!! :smiley:



Thanks for the reply Christopher! I’m really excited to keep using myReach and look forward to watching it improve even more over time - its already totally transformed how I process and bring together all my information. It’s awesome how you guys have intergraded all the different media types (photos, links, documents, notes) into one place. The app also makes capturing information easy and its lets me focus all my energy on using the information rather than trying to figure out where to store it which is huge. I’m not sure how all the AI works behind Rich so my original post may not have been the best example, but despite the issues here and there when it does work it blows my mind with how useful it is. The Google Drive integration sounds like a total game changer!


Hi Parker,

Thanks for the reply! Super happy to hear you are enjoying myReach and are seeing great value using it! :rocket: :raised_hands:

The Google Drive integration is nearly ready to go to production we are just waiting for the final approvals from Google! Hopefully within the next week we will be able to ship it to production!!

Also regarding the chat, we are working on releasing in the next week “conversations” – like ChatGPT you will be able to create specific chats with Rich.

Chats will allow you to have interactive and dynamic discussions with Rich – allowing you to maintain context and have back-and-forth exchanges with Rich.

With dedicated chats, you can build on previous messages, refer back to specific parts of the conversation, or ask follow-up questions. The context provided in the chat helps Rich understand the ongoing discussion and generate more relevant and coherent responses.

Will let you know as soon as we have both live! Going to be an exciting couple of weeks :smiley:

Keep Reaching!


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