Privacy concerns on the Forum

When I signed up, I was given the option to use a userid instead of my name… but when I look at my shiny new badge on the forum, it shows my username paired with my real name… and also name/userid pairs for everyone else who has the same badge. There doesn’t seem to be much point to userids when it’s that easy to extract the real name.

my bigger concern is myReach’s privacy policy. They use our data in the platform to identify and predict our behavior to be sold to Ad agencies and what not.

Hi @BigFluffySheep,

Thanks for reaching out with your concern. The reason your name is displayed alongside your userid is to make the experience more personal and community-driven. It adds authenticity and personal touch to the interactions.

However, we understand that some users may prefer to use their userids for privacy reasons or personal preference. You can easily change your name in the settings of the Forum by going to your profile < Preferences < Name.

Here, you can change your display name.

Hope this clears your concern.


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Hi @Cholan,

Our user privacy is our number one USP and priority as a company. The only data we collect is usage statistics, with the purpose of understanding how the App is being used in order to continue improving the User Experience.

Having said this, I have just revised our privacy policy and I do understand where you’re coming from. Our current privacy policy might be too vague and lead to confusion. We’re already looking into it with our lawyers to adjust it and avoid any misunderstandings. Thank you for raising the concern.

In fact our entire ethos is based around our users’ privacy. We are fully GDPR compliant and are committed to never providing your data to any 3rd parties; your information is entirely private to you.

In no way do we use your data to identify and predict your behaviour, nevermind selling it to Ad agencies.

I hope this clears your concern.

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