Poll: What integration do you want in myReach?

Hello! :wave:

What tools do you want to see among the myReach integrations?

This is your chance to vote and decide which integrations we should prioritise in the development plan.

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Gmail
  • Notion
  • YouTube
  • OneDrive
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Apple Notes
  • Readwise
  • Safari Bookmarks
  • Calendly
  • iCloud
  • Slack Bot
  • Trello
  • Obsidian
  • Roam Research
  • Todoist
  • Raindrop
  • Bear

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myReach Team

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Sofia, I think Apple Notes needs to be represented. Also iCal.

Aside: For an Apple-friendly organization, why the lapse in inclusion of mainstay Apple products?

Thanks, Julie

Hi @JulieI!

I have added Apple Notes to the list. Unfortunately, it looks like your votes have now disappeared - it seems you can’t edit a poll after it’s been created.

If you don’t mind, could you add your votes again?

On a separate note, I’d be interested to understand what use case would you use a Calendar integration for?

Thanks for your input!
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IFTT, Make. :heart:

You’re wasting precious UI real estate with the Twitter and Reddit Integrations flatlined. :sunglasses:

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YouTube, Apple notes, iCloud, Safari bookmarks. I tried to vote but the ones that I select became green and nothing happened, “vote now” is greyed out and it doesn’t count me among the voters!

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Hi @Milve,

Thanks for letting me know! There was a glitch with the poll and it only allowed you to select 1 option. It has since been fixed.

You can now add your votes.


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I would highly recommend to integrate an e-mail parser.
Forward information to an e-mail address and store this as a note.