PDF files: take notes, annotate, search

  1. Take notes on PDF files
  2. Takes notes from PDF texts
  3. Annotate on PDF files
  4. Search panel to locate the words in the PDF after the global search

Could you take a look at lateral.io and learn its handling of pdf files for MyReach to become a second brain as my knowledge base for all information? The current version of MyReach is not user-friendly for pdf searching and finding, let alone take notes, extract info from pdf as a standalone note, or annotate on it. Thanks for your continuous improvements of the app.

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Hi Oscar, thank you for your feedback will definitely take a look at lateral.io thanks for sharing

With regards to PDF as we’ve been these last couple of months focused exclusively on the mobile App, we haven’t yet placed much focus on PDFs. That being said, as soon as we finish some of the features that are coming out in the next 2 releases our plan is to change our focus revamp the entire user experience for desktop.

Amongst other things, we plan on revamping the functionalities for PDFs. Will make sure to incorporate your 4 points to the roadmap.

As soon as we have an early version of the revamped PDF functionalities we’ll let you know!

Thanks again for your feedback and support!

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Thanks for your replies. Really love this personal google to store all my student stuff

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Hi all, I still find Oscar’s remarks relevant. I have recently downloaded your app, I find it very useful for both a researcher or worker and a student, but the fact that there is no option to highlight and annotate pdfs drops the potential. Will this functionality be integrated soon?

Hi @Chiara

Thanks for your feedback and welcome to the community!

Highlighting PDFs and annotating them is something we have in the roadmap but haven’t yet started working on – will let you know as soon as we do.

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