Organizational Agent Functionality for Rich

It would be nice to be able to have Rich do certain organizational, tagging and relationship functions. If I asked Rich for all nodes related to a certain topic, I should be able to easily have it attach certain tags to those nodes, move them or add them to certain workspaces attach relationships or even delete them. I feel like organization of the large amount of information someone would want to store in a second brain needs to easily be accessed and organized. It would be nice if Rich was able to provide that functionality.

Hey Pooya,

Thanks for your continuous feedback!

That is definitely something we would love to be able to do – but haven’t yet had time to dive into it. The use of agents is a the top of our R&D list but havent yet had time to explore or play around with it. Once we do and have a better understanding of the limitations and potential, I’ll let you know.

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Christopher Payne