Organization and order in kanban view

Hi there! New suggestion: would be nice to be able to control the order of tags at kanban view and at the same time be able to order the nodes inside then alphabetically. So far I really don’t get what order has been applied. Thank you.

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Hi Nathalie,

Thank you for your feedback!

We are actually working on improving the kanban view – essentially enabling you to chose how the information is sorted and how it is grouped.

The update we are working on would enable you to choose how the items and columns are sorted (last modified, creation date, alphabetical, etc…). In addition rather than only being able to group the items by node type (as you currently can) you will also be able to group them by property (importance, rating, status, etc…)

There are still quite a few fine tunes we need to do in order to get it production ready but will keep you posted on the progress

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