Onboarding Failings

Like the concept.

here’s whats I couldnt work out in 5 mins:

How do I add a website URL
How do I upload a PDF

I don’t want to be searching through which node to use to upload info - I want a generic upload button -if this exists its not obvious

Hi @Lukewilcoxsongmail.c,

Thanks for your feedback.

The upload button is the blue “+ Create” button (top right of the screen) on desktop, and “+” button (bottom left of the screen) on the mobile App.

Once you click on it, you can choose what type of node to save. The reason why it’s separated by type of node rather than having a generic upload button is because myReach allows you to do much more than just “upload” info.

Not all the data you save is being uploaded. In the case of documents, PDFs, etc. they are indeed being uploaded from your device. However, websites are saved from the internet, tags are created on the spot, contacts are integrated, etc. The process isn’t the same for files and websites for instance, which is why they are separate in the creation stage.

I hope this clears your doubts.