Notes export / Download

Hi Reach team,

Quick suggestion : I know that the export feature (for workspaces and nodes) is coming but would it be possible to have a “note download” feature as well?



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Hi Maxence!

Thank you for your feedback and for the suggestion!

In what file format would you expect the download to be?

Keep reaching


I agree export would be nice. Maybe support several formats (whatever is industry standard, PDF) or even combos like CSV for web URL’s exclusively, zipped TXT files for notes exclusively, and zipped .jpgs for images exclusively.
Would make me feel a TON safer being able to do yearly hard backups, especially when saving a lot of important information for many reasons (negates some risk of: Hijacked/hacked account, server data loss, myReach going bust, myReach becoming unaffordable, myReach switching industries to make candybars lol)

Getting info out of a service like myReach is very important, maybe less for personal use but vital for business use.

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