Notes content disappear and Rich cannot read notes

Dear myReach Developer Team,

I have just installed the app and I love the idea. Unfortunately, whenever I write a note, the content is not saved. As soon as I switch to another tab (e.g. attachments, relationships, etc), when I get back to the note content, it has disappeared. The only way I have found to make the content stick is to add a divider to the note content, and for some reason once I do that the content actually stays.

Also, the AI chat seems not to be able to read the content of the notes that I managed to create with this workaround. The notes seems to be considered as “context” by the AI, but it is not able to retrieve any information from them.

Please let me know if I can provide any additional detail to help sort out this issue.

The issue happens from the Android app, on a Realme GT Master Edition Phone running Android 13.

Thanks for the support!


Hi Mattia,

Thank you for reporting the issue!

We became aware of this issue with notes a couple days ago and are working on fixing it! This currently only happens with Android devices – it works in iOS or desktop.

Will make sure to keep you posted as soon as we have it solved so you can once again use myReach to its full potential!

Sincerely apologies for the inconvenience caused – whilst we’re fixing this problem I hope you have a good experience using myReach with your files and websites :slight_smile:

Hope to have it all resolved in the next few days! :muscle:

Stay tuned


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@mattihappy a few quick questions regarding the chat and the ability to answer for us to be able to narrow down further the issue :

  • If you go to the options button (the 3 dots) on the top right section of the chat, is the memory option set as OFF? If you have it set as ON could you try changing it to OFF and asking the same question again. Due to a recent change in the prompt at times the memory is getting mixed up and doesn’t prioritize the relevant content. This is another issue we are currently fine tuning

  • Is the question asking something more generic or factual from the note?

Thank you for your feedback!

Hi Mattia,

We have found the issue with the Android Notes – unfortunately though its not that simple to fix at the moment…

The issue essentially as that the device sometimes doesn’t detect a change has happened until the “block or component” has closed – meaning that you clicked on enter or added another component below.

Will keep on working on trying to fix it, but being a native Android issue its not proving to be very simple to fix…

Hope in the meantime the solution above helps

Keep Reaching

Christopher Payne