Notes and Tab key

Hi Reach team!

I have recently tried the “convert a docx to a note” feature, its great! Doesn’t alter my document too much and is really fast. Though one thing is worth mentioning in my opinion : I would really like to be able to use the “tab” key to move my text a bit from left to right. Because the “convert” feature doesn’t do it. Also, nothing happens when I press the “tab” key in a Note. (Im on a MacBook Pro)

Thanks a lot!


Hi Maxence,

Thank you for your feedback and I’m glad you are enjoying the convert docx into a note feature!

Pertaining to the “tab” key, the main reason its not working on your MacBook Pro is that the product hasn’t yet been optimized for desktop usage.

That being said I am glad to inform you that we have already been working on the desktop version and will start releasing some major Ux improvements in the next coming weeks!

As we optimize the experience for desktop will make sure to polish the tab functionality too

If you have any additional feedback please let us know

Keep reaching,