Not user-friendly process to select and add photos to a Note

Dear myReach,

When I want to add several photos to a note, and I search in the gallery of my mobile phone, I have to sort the images by date each time. It’s a shame that you can only add one at a time, because you have to start all over again: choosing the directory and sorting in the directory.

I would like to select the directory only once, and sort the photos by date only once, to be able to insert it in the Note.

Ideally, be able to add several in a single operation.

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Hi @Vinamis,

Thanks for your feedback!

It’s an interesting suggestion, I have added it to the development roadmap to facilitate adding multiple photos as attachments to notes.

In the meantime, what you can do is create an album with all the selected photos (in albums you can already add multiple images in one go), and then connect it to the note through a relationship.

Hope this helps.


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I also use albums with relationships.

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