New Feature? ... Help? ... Would you use

… a section of the community devoted to talking about WORKFLOW? It might/could also encompass questions of definition or purpose as they pertain to use and structure.

I am often overwhelmed (or, for reduced hyperbole: confused? indecisive?) when trying to figure out what something should be (A Tag? A new type of Tag? Why can’t I create a sub-Tag? [ex: Contact-Personal, Contact-Work.] Is this a Note or a File?) and what Properties should be attached. (Do I need custom props?) And then… what relationships are needed? Should I create a new workspace? Oh!.. would a new workspace obviate my feeling that I need subTags?

I need to keep track of tasks. I think this may pretty clearly fall into ‘Feature’ category but I created (as best I could) a Tag. I worry about what this may cost me in time later. Do I need (or would I be better off) to divert some information to another program. What are others doing?

Many of my tasks involve email. I need to write one. I received one & must take action. I have sent one and I need to watch for a reply. Emails relate to projects -workspace? sometimes a node in a different workspace? They also relate to people &, sometimes, an object or goal. Sometimes, the person contacted is a known entity, sometimes it’s a cold contact. I would need to differentiate -or, do I?

Even more basic: Note vs. File? I’m thinking my hard fast rule might need to be: “If any part of the document can be imported, it’s a FILE.” Does that work? Is that what other people do?

I often charge off on thoughts or questions generated from something I read or saw.
Do I copy and paste the triggering passage to a note? Create a file (files) and then relate them to a Note? Is there a way (Does it make sense) to use Mentions? Comments?

If I want to create rules (I need ways to discipline myself!), how do I (do I?) differentiate between a written document and a video that prompted thought? Videos are an instance of a digital file but is there need/desire/benefit in having a different Node type?

I get all looped around with stuff like this. It is (very?) obstructive. I want to talk to people about these types of issues. Where do I put them? Is anyone interested? Where should they go?

Meanwhile… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Hoping that 2024 will bring some answers.

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Hi @JulieI ,

Thank you for your post and Happy New Year!

As you can see I have created a new category in the forum called WORKFLOW – as per your suggestion, here users will be able to discuss and share their workflows and best practices on how they are using myReach!

Separately in the next couple of weeks I will be releasing a few videos explaining various use cases of myReach and how to best use the product according to our research.

Stay tuned, keep reaching and hope you have great New Year!!