Navigation bug on iOS

If I look at something I’ve saved and then go back to look at the properties or relationships, the button at the top left that lets me go back to all my saved stuff, is missing. Only way to get off the content I’m looking at is to close the app, remove from multitasking and open the app again.

Hi @MattG,

Thanks for your feedback!

We’ve looked into it but unfortunately we’re not able to replicate the bug you’re experiencing. Could you send us a screen recording of the bug, so we can see when and where it happens to try to find the source of the problem?



Turns out my description of how the bug happens was a bit off, I had trouble trying to replicate it but managed it in the end.
It basically happens whenever there a a large amount of text in the “description” of the document/web page.
Is there an email I can send the screen recording too? It won’t let me attach the recording here, says it’s not a supported format, it’s just an iOS screen recording

Hi @MattG,

Thanks for your response and for clarifying the details of the bug!

Could you please send the screen recording to

We’ll work on fixing the bug and will keep you posted.

Thank you!


Thanks, I’ve just emailed the screen recording

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