myReach Terms definition and Design

You have to start one day.

Entity or Table (class) - has - Table properties
Has Primary key (unique, one or more fields)
Has Alternate keys (multiple occurences)

Contains (un)limited fields per “instance”.
(Maria, John)

Field (attribute) - has - Field properties
Field may have relations property.
(Maria - female - born 1990 - married 1990 to J)
(John - male - born 1985 - married 1990 to M)

Each Field has a datatype property and a lot of other properties based on the datatype.
(Text, integer, decimal, option M,F, year, marital status, etc)

A table is a node
A field is a node
A property is a node

So let’s start 2024 off on the right foot.

How-to design this elementary model in myReach with the minimum of effort to be effective ?

Best regards, Vinamis