More complex attributes on Properties

Properties are not yet as useful as they could be. “Price” offers the choice of currencies, but doesn’t offer any possibility to set a unit. Price is frequently not just $x, but $x/[amount].

All date based properties offer the option of “all day” as an attribute, but instead of not including a time at all, they just use the property’s time of creation, which isn’t accurate. We should be able to specify dates without associated times.

Properties also need the option to set default traits. I’m in Canada; for Price properties, I’m going to use CAD much more frequently than any other currency. But Price always comes up in EUR, and I have to switch to CAD every time. I should be able to set that Prices I enter are in CAD unless otherwise specified.

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Hi BigFluffySheep,

Thank you for your feedback – will definitely look with team at how to save defaults for the various property types. Especially for those that are location based as you mention

Will keep you posted as soon as I have a more definite timeline for the release

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