Markdown import uses filename as title

Maybe it’s just me but it seems that it would be better if import used the first line (or the lines marked as H1) as the note title. Ive got a bunch of .md files to import and noneof them has a file name tht’s the same as the heading level 1.

Hey @pcom

Thanks for your feedback – in order to standardize the import of any file we chose to take the file name as the name of the node that way all files worked the same way and the expected outcome was the same.

To understand a bit better the request – why do you have a different file name than H1? Is there any particular reason you have them set differently?

Look forward to hear back from you and thanks for your feedback

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I didn’t set the filename, it was set by the exporting app. I’ve written a small script to change the filename to what’s in H1 but some characters aren’t allowed to be part of the filename so even that route isn’t completely successful.

Got the new update and I’d hoped that you had changed import so you took the H1 field as the name of the item but I see you’re still using the older method. Let me suggest that if one is importing markdown it is likely the result of an export where the user has no control over the resulting file name (as is my case). I have over 350 markdown files to import from another service and the resulting item name is relatively useless, especially considering that all the file names end in .md

Just tried it on my Mac and I’m very confused! When I say I want to import a folder and am presented with the Finder dialog, I locate the directory which has the files I want to import, I ciick Open and the directory opens to display the files - the same behavior as when I double click the directory. So, I select one of the files and select Open and NOW it starts the import? After a little while, nothing was imported.

Note that NONE of the files have names ending in .md. Why? Because you’ve decided that the file’s name will be the item’s name and I don’t want the name of the item to end in .md. But they are all properly formatted markdown files.

Hi @pcom,

Thanks for your feedback.

The issue with the import of files has now been fixed! Appreciate you letting us know.

With regards to the file name, we’re looking into it based on the feedback you shared. We’ll keep you posted on it.


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Thank you, Sofia! I would also suggest adding a property - Imported - so we can filter.