Make everything saved to Myreach searchable and findable in the future

Make everything saved to Myreach searchable and findable in the future
Right now, when uploading mp3, mp4 files, you cannot search its contents.
I really hope Myreach can serve as my personal Google to let me search and find all things I save to Myreach.

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Hi Oscar!

This is a slightly more complicated feature to develop :sweat_smile:
We haven’t currently considered it in our roadmap, but we’ll add it for the longer term.

Hi Oscar!

Got some good news for you! We’ve been looking into it with the team and believe we have found a way of transcribing Audio files in order for them to be searchable!

It’s still early days but in principle we should have a first working version of it in the next upcoming releases!

Will keep you posted!

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Cannot wait to see them roll out. Currently, I view myReach as my reserve to store things, if you can make searching more advanced, then personal Google will truly dreams come true.

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I understand that the new app release (at least on iOS) has audio transcription

CleanShot 2022-10-14 at 09.51.34

I updated the app but could not find a way to do on the fly dictation. Does it mean that I have to record the audio file by other app then add the file to myreach? Would be nice if I can do it within the same app

Hi Andrew,

Correct, we released a first version of the audio transcription in this release.

In the current version (2.12) if you upload a video or an audio file, we subsequently transcribe the content in the background so that later on you can search the audio (what was said) you can find it.

Currently we don’t offer the ability to record audio from the app, you would have to use a separate app and then import it to myReach

In the next coming releases, the plan is to enable users to preview the transcription (audio and video files) and allow them to convert it into a note. Will however also investigate if there is anything we can do about recording audio directly from myReach.

Thank you for the feedback

thanks for the update. Obviously what needs to be done is a lot more complicated than I can appreciate. However, from a user’s perspective, a good experience is the Apple Watch or iPhone app of Draft notes. I guess it is using the dictation feature (API?) of iOS , it then turns the dictation into text.

Is that something similar can be done for myreach?

Hi Andrew,

If I’ve understood correctly, the dictation of a note that you are referring to can be done in myReach.

Once created the note, you can activate the dictation feature on the keyboard - see screenshot below

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

thanks for the information,

I cannot replicate exactly what you show on your screenshot, I followed the process and got this pressing the microphone icon

I think this is a great start but would be better if I do not have to create a note first. If the voice dictation can transcribe into text and may be put the first 5 words automatically as the note title (and user can edit it later), it would be great.

Anyhow, I think overall this is moving in the right direction. Thanks for the great work so far

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your comment!

The screenshot I sent was from my iPhone (iOS 15.6.1) – based on the look and feel of your screenshot I assume you equally have an iPhone. The difference between the two must be the iOS version as the keyboard is not ours, but the native one from iOS.

Really like your idea, now that we are working on revamping the notes, I will investigate with the team if we could incorporate this in the future!

Thank you for your feedback and feature ideas!