Maintenance Warnings

Hi Reach Team,

It would be great to have a little pop-up warning that a “Maintenance will be carried out on Reach in X minutes/hours and it will last approx. Y minutes/hours”. That could really help preventing people from losing their current unsaved work (e.g. a note that one is in the process of typing without exiting the note window, therefore not saving it). It happened twice to me and has or will probably happen to others.


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Hi Max,

Thanks for your message! Sorry to hear you lost the content of your note. We have looked into it, and we’ve seen what the issue was - according to the logs, it seems you lost internet connection while you were using the App. Our server hasn’t crashed or had any downtime in the last few weeks, which is why your issue seemed strange to us at first.

Could you please explain the scenario in which this happened - where you using the App on Wifi or not? Any information you give us can be helpful.

Either way, we will make sure to adapt the messages that appear on the screen for each scenario, to make it clear to the user if anything happens.


Hi Sofia,

Thanks for the quick answer!

Im actually making this post some time after i had the issue. My wording wasn’t very accurate. I lost lines of text in notes and not entire notes.

I did lose two entire notes a while back but that was my fault, i closed my mac without exiting the note by the top left arrow or by « sending » it with the down right blue arrow, therefore not saving it.

The issue i had happened as follows : I was in class typing my written note in reach (Mac web app most probably) and then was interrupted by the “we’re in maintenance” page. I refreshed, same thing, then waited for about 10mins, reloaded again, i got back to my note and noticed that i lost had lost about some lines of text that presumably were unsaved? before the downtime. Sorry i cannot be more specific… I didn’t think of making a forum post before.

My question is then, is it possible that in one of those downtimes/maintenance unsaved text or even notes could be lost? I understand that to save text on a note you need to exit or send it with the blue arrow, but is there some kind of autosave on the web version? If yes at what frequency does it happen?

Thank you for your time!