Is there a roadmap?

As I see it currently, there are two versions of myReach; the one it intends to be, and what we currently have. The first one impressed me tremendously; if myReach can actually achieve that vision, it will be the best PKM out there. I’m using the second version in the hopes that it will eventually become the first. If I thought that the current version was going to be as good as it gets, I would be moving on to try something else tomorrow.

One thing that’s always reassuring to early adopters who are motivated more by the vision of a product than the current state is a publicly-visible roadmap of planned development. I haven’t found one here. Is there one?


I agree; this is really needed.

Hey @BigFluffySheep @cksck ,

Thank you for bringing up the topic we had thought about making it public but never got around to doing it – so thanks for reminding us :slight_smile:

I have just created it and will continue populating it little by little essentially I have created 2 separate “Roadmaps”

  • Roadmap Category – a specific category where we list the specific features we are currently working on and when we expect to release them.

  • Roadmap “View” for your feedback – you will note that for the category Bugs and Features we have added at the top a “Roadmap” button. There we illustrate the status of the various bugs and features you’ve reported to us highlighting the level of priority we have assigned to them and when we will start working on them.

The idea is that as soon as we start developing one of the features & bugs you’ve reported we would change it from category

Let me know your thoughts on it and if you have any further recommendations

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