Is it possible to pull emails into MyReach?

I need to link emails to notes and other entities. What is the best way to establish connections? Also, once a connection is established to the initiating message, will I be able to follow any chain of replies and counter-replies that are created?

Thanks, JI

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Hi @JulieI, thanks for your feedback!

Absolutely, this is already in our development pipeline.

Once it’s available, you’ll be able to create connections and follow the chain of replies. It’s one of the next major integrations we’ll be working on.

Stay tuned for updates :slight_smile:


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I’m happy to hear from you, and with good news! Now… is there a timeline/ETA? Also, while I am here…

Are there any direct pipelines to support? There are some questions, and or conusions about use, that seem a bit personal to share in the forums. They may also be a bit to complex for the delayed/chunked communications possible here.

It would really be helpful as I ‘testdrive’ MyReach. I’ve been 20 years, many $$, and way too much time looking for what I needed. I know it’s possible. Reach may be it but…

Best to you! I love what I’ve found so far. Just need a different kind of support to get where I need to be. (Old style Apple User Groups come to mind. So do the Friday learning Zoom webinars held regularly by the crew at the Brain.)

Regards, Julie

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Hi Julie,

Thanks for your response. Let’s hope myReach is what you’ve been looking for all this time!

Absolutely, there are other direct pipelines to support for your more personal questions. I can do better than the old style Apple user groups or Friday learning Zoom webinars… How about a one-on-one call with our CEO? You can book your slot through this link! Otherwise, for personal questions you can also write us to and we’ll be happy to help :slight_smile: