Is it possible to create a note from a contact node?

I have a contact or company in focus on myReach. I want to record notes related to a phone call with the entity. Is there a shortcut to Create Node… available in this scenario? I can’t find one but there’s so much to learn about navigating in this app. Thanks for any help. I will redirect to the Feature Request area if responses here indicate this is not currently possible.

Hi @JulieI,

Thanks for your feedback!

There isn’t so much a shortcut but clicking on the “+” or “Create” button when you’re in the Knowledge Base of the App, which redirects you straight to the option to create a Note.

The option to create a note when you’re already in a Contact isn’t available at the moment. You can however add comments to the Contact Tag directly.

With regards to learning about the App, we’re working on a series of tutorials that will help you learn everything about navigating in myReach. In addition, we’re also finishing the final edits of our detailed handbook to guide you through all the specifics of the App. These should be of good help to you as you continue using the App!


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