Great App! LOVE IT.\nAre you planning on adding integrations? Would be really helpful

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Thanks Paul! Yes we are - starting with Browser Bookmarks and Pocket which will be available in the next coming weeks.
Any particular integrations you’d like to have?

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I think you just need to complete integrations with sites like IFTT, Zapier, or Make(Integromat)

Then it is possible to build automatic connections from so many sources with labeling we can control.

Hi Sixdof thank you for your message! We are working to build our integration for Zapier and IFTT. Will keep you posted as soon as we have them ready! Hadn’t heard of Make, will definitely look into them! Thank you for the input!

Good news - Zapier integration is now available on the App! :rocket:
We’re working on additional integrations… For now there’s:

  • Zapier
  • Bookmarks
  • Pocket
  • Contacts
  • Twitter
  • Reddit

Stay tuned for more!