Import & Sync with Apple Notes

Would love if you could let us import & automatically sync all of our existing & future notes directly from Apple Notes (including text formatting, bullet/numbered lists, tables, images, and meta-data for dates, folders, tags, etc).

Note I’m hoping for a direct import/sync integration with the Apple Notes app, rather than having to resort to exporting everything from Apple Notes as markdown .md files and then importing them all into myReach.

Anytime I’ve tried doing an Apple Notes MD export/import into other note apps (, Notion, etc), often something doesn’t get imported correctly. Plus in many apps, the creation date for all of the imported notes end up being the date of the import, rather than the date in Apple Notes.

Plus I have all of my Apple Notes organized in folders (categories) and don’t want to lose that organization. So if you could let us map the folder each Apple Note is stored in as a tag, or even just a custom property, so we don’t lose our organization. I realize the goal of myReach is to use the Rich Ai to help organize & interact with our notes, which is why I’m testing it. But having already organized my notes into category folders over decades, it would be nice to have that organization retained / incorporated somehow into myReach, including helping train Rich Ai to understand the relationship between our notes.

For example, I have notes about specific products we sell in different folders in Apple Notes. Some of the products & data may appear similar to most people, but they are still unique for each product, and I wouldn’t want the Rich Ai getting that product data mixed up. Note I’m not saying I would rely on Rich Ai to tell me about product data. But I’m just using it as an example as to why it would be a helpful & important feature to be able to map each Apple Notes’ folder to a tag and/or property in myReach.

Automatically syncing new Apple Notes in the future would be beneficial, because if I ask Siri to “Create a new note about XYZ” , it saves it to Apple Notes by default.

Plus, like many other people I’ve been using Apple Notes for decades. Despite all of the other notes & productivity apps I have, I still often default to using Apple Notes to jot something down quickly before I forget it (which is why I like the native iOS quick note feature).

So if I do create a new note in Apple Notes, I still want it to be automatically imported into my second brain PKMS (which in this case would be myReach).

Hope you can add this to your roadmap?

P.S. I’m new to myReach, so sorry if this has been discussed already. I tried searching “Apple Notes” in your Forum & the Roadmap, but I didn’t see anything specifically requesting “Apple Notes” (I just saw one post that requested bulk importing & mentioned Apple Notes).
So thought I’d create this new feature request specifically about “Apple Notes” to help draw attention to any other users who may want to request it too. Thanks!

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Thanks for your detailed feature request! Have briefly looked into it with the team and we haven’t yet figured out how to make the sync functionality with Apple Notes, as far as we have been able to find, Apple API doesn’t offer that capability…

If you happen to find something please do let us know as we would be very keen on incorporating Apple notes integration in myReach! Will keep exploring on how to do it, in the meantime will look at how we can adjust the folder import functionality to keep the folder structure intact (as a property or tag) so that if you manage to export all your notes from Apple and import the folder that structure remains.

Will keep you posted on the progress!

Keep Reaching!

Christopher Payne

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