Import browser history

Would be really helpful to be able to import my entire browser history so 9 can find sites I’ve been to but can’t recall details


Hi @pcom, thanks for your feedback.

We haven’t implemented this feature because importing the entire browser history would generate a significant amount of clutter, which goes against our aim to keep your myReach experience organised and efficient. As of now, we don’t have plans to introduce this feature for that reason.

However, if you’re determined to do it, you can export your browser history as a CSV file and then import it into myReach as a database (you can find the “Import Database” option in the integrations).

This way you have more control over what gets imported.



A couple of observations…

  1. Clutter is in the eye of the beholder. Ultimately, give the user both control and the benefit of the doubt.

  2. A history is more useful in myReach than it is in the browser. More searchable, can be categorized, and it links with other data. I think many people using these tools are often looking for improved knowledge (or experience) retriieval capacity. Both integration and improved search support that objective.

Thanks, JI

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I also like the idea of browser history… Reach would be able to categorize where browser history cannot… And link to other nodes

I agree thousands may not be appropriate but if correctly categorised would have benefit to all

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Another approach…

I use my history (sometimes) to reconstruct paths followed as they show development of thoughts or ideas. These types of patterns…

  1. We start at siteA, sometimes because we have a question, sometimes we develop one based on information encountered.
  2. Follow a couple of links; conduct a couple of searches. Maybe start a note and try to record where we go and why. (I wish I did the 2nd part of that more often!)

During this stage we develop additional questions, find tangential relationships, and begin to discern connections. Sites B-xxx are encountered, search responses show lots of additional sites I could visit for articles, stats, or additional referrals. Sometimes I encounter an organization or individual I want to know more about or read more of. I may find a cool video or movie. Some sites entered or seen in passing may be mentally flagged as possible bookmarks (or ???) and use as references (on subject or a broader range of topics).
Can end up with a large # of browser tabs. I’ve gotten up to 450 before my Mac crashed. Meanwhile, I may have begun to develop a question, hypothesis, or topic that will definitely warrant additional time and attention.
This is where I almost always start a note and try to reconstruct the chain. What lead to what. Connections made. Additional questions, etc. Until very recently, I have been using Apple notes and learning to rely on bookmarks and/or history, until…
I found “Timing”. ( It’s Mac only but it tracks computer use down to the individual webpages visited within a domain. I just installed it today but, when I read this comment, I was moved to share and to wonder… might there be benefits if this integrated with myReach?
I don’t know yet.

I hope all of this makes sense. I’m also trying to figure out what would be the best way to create linked nodes in myReach that accommodate this sort of thinking along digital trails? The only other app I have seen that shows any promise for this is I need to figure out how to do this efficiently in a app (or combination of apps) that allows me to access, search, and repurpose information. Both software features and development of intuitive workflow strategies will be significant.

I can share the Apple note I created a chain I followed yesterday. It is graphic heavy and I wasn’t sure it would display in this forum. I went searching for Timings after I looked at the note.