I cant do anything, it's either the reddit integration or the chrome extension (but running on opera)

I just started, explored what i can do and added one note (a website) but anything after that now fails, i cant delete worksspace (reddit one) nor cancel an integration. I think it got stuck trying to import my bookmarks in Opera, where i used the chrome extension. Now this infinite loop blocks everything :confused:

Hi Isaak

Apologies for the various issues you experienced whilst using myReach over the weekend and thank you for taking the time to inform us about them.

We’ve been investigating what happened and what went wrong. It appears that the route cause was the update that Google did to our servers in Belgium coincided whilst some nodes were being created in your account. That caused the queues to freeze and thus all creations, deletions, etc… from that point onwards were put on hold.

We fixed the issue this morning and it appears that everything is back to normal. In principle the issues you were experiencing should all be resolved but if by any chance you still experience some problems, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll resolve them ASAP.

Keep in mind that it is possible you might have to relaunch the integrations or imports.

Thank you for your patience and for informing us of the problem in the first place

Keep Reaching


i was impatient and just started over with a new account as i was just starting anyway

Hi Isaak,

Thank you for answering so quickly! Hope everything is running smoothly for you now!

If you have any further issues please do let us know



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