How to REALLY get started?

Because this app does so much, it can be a little overwhelming to start from a blank slate. Well I think I want this to do a lot of things i’d be happy to do one thing well. If I want to gather all my notes on some single project I’m trying to develop, docs, competitor websites, articles et cetera, how do I build that in the first place, and then once I’ve uploaded a ton of data, how do I mine it for insights and clarity?
I don’t want to spend hours dumping in a bunch of “stuff” and then find it’s about as big a mess as I had when I started, just formatted differently.
Any thoughts for a rookie?


Hey David,

Thanks for the honest feedback – completely agree with where your coming from which is why in the next few days I’ll be releasing essentially a demo video explaining a general use-case of myReach, how it works and how you can benefit from it.

As soon as its live I’ll let you know


Christopher Payne

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