How does Roadmap Work? :)

The myReach Product Roadmap

Get clear view into our roadmap – discover what we’ll be releasing next!

As you will see we have both :

  • Roadmap Category – a specific category where we list the specific features we are working on and when we expect to release them.
  • Roadmap View – a board view that clearly illustrates the status of the Bugs and Features you have reported

Below we will go into more details as to what is included in each

We hope you enjoy the peek behind the scenes. :slight_smile:

Roadmap Category – How does it work?

This is the official Roadmap of myReach where all features that are coming out are split into 3 options : upcoming release, In the next month, and in the next 3 months.

Upcoming Release!

Things that are on the verge of being released – we are literally making the last fine tunes before releasing it into production

In The Next Month

We might have been working on it for some time already but the feature is still not ready to go into production… That being said it should be ready to go live in less than a month

In The Next 3 Months

These generally are larger features that are still under development but are still far away from beaing ready to go into production or smaller ones we haven’t yet been able to prioritise

Roadmap Board View – How does it work?

There are 4 lanes here: Done, In Progress, Exploring, and Leaving It For Now. I’ll explain each a bit below.

Ok, here’s the skinny on each lane:


Improvements you can see and use in your account. Take a look and let us know what you think!

In Progress

A list of things under construction!

Coming Soon

A list of features and functionalities that will soon go into development.


This is a list of interesting ideas. We haven’t committed to them yet, but we’re eager to hear how they resonate with you!

Leaving It For Now

Ideas that we explored but ultimately decided not to pursue for the time being.