How do I manage or delete workspaces or imported content in bulk?

I added the Evernote integration to my account and imported all my notes, but ran into a lot of issues as a result. First, I encountered several errors due to limits, and once the import stopped, I ended up with 244 workspaces (most of which are empty due to hitting a limit on nodes) which makes myReach an unusable mess. I removed the Evernote integration, hoping the notes and workspaces would go away, but everything is still there, and the only way I see to delete a workspace is doing it one at a time.

How do I remove all my imported data from Evernote and absurd amount of workspaces so the myReach is usable again?

Hi @discover, thanks for your feedback!

When you migrate Evernote to myReach, notebooks are converted into workspaces, and the items inside as files, notes, websites and albums respectively. So if you imported 244 notebooks, you will see 244 workspaces.

This being said, we are working on a fix that will notify you of the space available in your account prior to the Evernote import, in order to avoid reaching the limit and resulting in empty workspaces.

With regards to deleting your Evernote workspaces, currently you need to delete workspaces one at a time. If your account is very new, considering you have a significant number of workspaces to remove I would recommend deleting your account and starting over, with a more reduced Evernote import or directly with other features.

In the meantime, we’re looking at ways to improve the experience and avoid this inconvenience for future Evernote imports.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.