How do I create a template?

I’ve seen references to being able to create a template but I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it. A little help, please?

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Hi @pcom,

We’ve disabled this feature for now because we had an early version in Beta and we saw that it wasn’t being used, so we’ve put it on hold while we focus on developing other features, functionalities and integrations.

What we currently still have is the option to choose from existing templates when you create a new workspace.

We’ll look back into the create template functionality further on in the development pipeline.


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This might be a feature request but… It seems this is a reference to Workspace templates. I want to create templates for various types of entries. “Books” are high on my list. Examples of required Properties:: ISBN, Author, Format (eBook, Hardcover, etc.), Where shelved/filed, Owned/NotOwned, Read/Notread, etc. Would have links to one or more files of notations or summary, as well as to Projects whre they are used… Is this possible? Also, thinking about items that I would like to create, possible types would include “Video”, “Call” -Zoom, Phone, etc., “Meeting”, “Tasks”, etc. Some Properties are obvious for each type. Others are more obscure or custom. There are likely opportunities for Integrations, too. What is… Possible now? On Roadmap? Worth considering & consulting user base? Thanks for your attention! Julie :slight_smile: {{Tip of iceberg thinking/suggestion. I’ve got more. :exploding_head:)

Hi Julie,

All of these things you mention are possibilities in Workspaces (default properties, links to files, projects where they are used, etc).

However, as mentioned here above in the merged post, we’ve currently disabled the Workspace Template feature for now while we focus on developing other features and integrations.

We’ll look back into the option of Workspace templates further on in the development pipeline.

This being said, if you currently have any recurring Properties that you want to include in all your workspaces, you can do so from the Workspace settings (Profile < Settings < Workspaces < Add Property).


Hi Sofia,

I think my primary thought was that I have a need to create Node or Tag templates while the discussion & feature descriptions seem to reference the creation of Workspace templates. I can see where my opening was short on information.

Still, please do consider the lower-level template concept. As I described, Books would be high on my list. Books and the other items I suggest might fit into your schema as Tag types. (Not sure. I’m still finding my ground here.)

Many of the templates I suggest (Calls, Meetings, etc.) are actions and may be specific templates under an Actions tag type. As such, they might also be aligned with the Calendar integration you’ve already said is in the works.

I am happy to provide more substance if it would/will be helpful.

Thanks, Julie

Hi Julie,

Thanks for your clarification. You can in fact already create custom Tags!

The default Tags we offer are Topic, Place, Company and Contact as these are the most relevant generally speaking. However, you have the option to add more (such as Book, Action, etc.) by going to:

Profile < Settings < Tags < Add a New Tag Type

This allows you to customise your experience further and adapt Tags to your specific needs. For each Tag Type you can also create specific custom Properties, which will appear automatically every time you create a new Tag.

For instance, in your case you can create a Tag Type: BOOK
and add custom Properties: ISBN (text), Author (text), Format (Select: eBook, Hardcover, etc), Owned/NotOwned (checkbox), Read/NotRead (checkbox), etc…

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need any further clarifications.

Have a great weekend,


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