GPT 4 and Enterprise

I was curious if there would be a way either through subscription plan pricing to allow for access to GPT-4 for some conversations with Rich. Depending on the content being sought after a higher level of logic could be useful. Maybe inserting your own OpenAI token even.

As another suggestions. Since I would like to use myreach for work, but have concerns over privacy and security… is it possible to offer access to GPT Enterprise as one of the subscription models? This way we have a higher level of security around information used on the site, especially when it comes to information at work.


Hi Pooya,

Thanks for your feedback and for the feature request!

We are actually currently working on allowing users to chose which model they want the chat to work with, we still haven’t decided if this will be a standard feature or premium. The key point with this is that we are assessing also other open source LLM models taht we could self host so that your data never leaves our walls and remains secure and private. That being said, we still haven’t yet found a LLM model that works sufficiently well.

On your second point regarding the privacy of your data, we currently have a data processing agreement signed with OpenAI to ensure your data remains private.

Hope to have answered your questions!

Keep reaching!

Christopher Payne

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Thank you! It’s great to hear that there is no training happening on the incoming data.

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