Google Drive Integration

Based on your feedback we have prioritized the Google Drive integration

The idea is for you to be able to connect your Google Drive with myReach to

  • Select the relevant folders from your Google Drive so you only import what really matters. You can then chose to upload additional folders, similar to our Evernote integration

  • Synchronize your Google Drive with myReach – this synchronization will only happen one way, from Google to myReach meaning that we will automatically check if anything new has been added to Google Drive or if any modification has been made and update it in myReach. That being said if you change, rename, or delete something in myReach, it will have no effect in your Google Drive
    myReach will automatically check if there are any new files, or changes made in Google Drive and update them in myReach.

  • You can chose to turn off the auto-synchronization – meaning that all files will be imported to myReach as if you were doing a massive upload. But from that point onwards any changes made in your Google Drive will not be reflected in myReach


I was just going to write a post asking about a Google Drive integration and it led me to this post. Great to see it’s in the works! Any idea when it will be available? The App has become my main repository for all my knowledge and it would be really useful to integrate Google drive. Thanks!

Hi Marcus,

Thank you for the message and very glad to hear myReach has become your main repository for all your knowledge! :rocket:

I am very glad to inform you that we have finished developing and testing the Google Drive integration! We are now just waiting for Google to review the integration to ensure we comply with all their data privacy rules. If all goes well, we expect that have their green light in the next week! :crossed_fingers:

Will keep you posted when its live – its going to be a game changing functionality! Super stoked!

Keep Reaching and if you have any further requests or feedback let us know!

Christopher Payne

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