Few things regarding mentions

Hi there, a few things (Feature requests and Bugs) I thought about using the Mention Feature/Note taker :

  1. Possible Bugs :

-When adding a « . » after a mention (e.g. if the mentioned concept is the last word of a phrase), it jumps two lines up and creates a bullet list.

-I can’t copy paste a colored word(s) without the color going away. Then I have to re-color the word(s) in question.

-When I want to add a « 1. » or « 2. » before an existing word, it doesn’t let me. Jumps a line up and puts the 1 or 2 there.

  1. Mentions Feature requests :

-Being able to change color/font/Size of Mentions. I use them a lot as titles in summaries. Having that feature could make those cleaner-looking.

-Future Desktop version little idea : Double click on mentions to redirect immediately to the mentioned node. (Faster, more straight forward)

-To be able to select a written word, click Mention so that it auto-searches the selected word to potentially create a mention out of it.

-Having the same « add on the fly » feature (that already exists in the relationships menu when searching for relationships) for mentions (nodes) that don’t exist yet. —> Being able to create as a node the searched content in the little « mention search menu » on the fly.

-Similar to an old feature request for nodes : Having a « replace » feature to easily replace a mention. (Like in the little menu that pops from bottom when clicking a mention).

  1. Notes Feature requests :

-Having the « Line-Spacing » feature in the text-format menu. Like in word : 1.0/1.5/2.0 between lines. Would make texts look clearer.

-Being able to crop/move attached images in notes. (I use attachments to add schemas in my notes, would be great to move/crop them like in Word)

-Another word-like thing : Being able to put the cursor in the middle of a word and change the color of the whole word without selecting (quite specific i’d agree).

-If possible, « Drag and drop » images in notes (maybe create attachments or a node out of them also, having a menu that asks that pop up when the drag and drop is being done.)

That’s all, Thanks!



Hi Maxence,

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback. We’re glad to see you’re making such good use of the App!

In response to the bugs, the first one about adding a “.” at the end of a mention has been fixed. We’re working on fixing the other two.

Regarding your feature requests for mentions and notes, since most of them are focused on the desktop App, we have added them to the roadmap and will work on them together with the desktop version. Thanks for your ideas and input!

For future feature requests, would you mind breaking them up into multiple posts? This will make it easier to keep track of things and update their status.

Thanks again!
Keep reaching,


Sure, okay. Thanks for the reply!


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