Failed to learn?

Is there any way to find out why myReach failed to learn? I absolutely LOVE the app but not having even a hint as to why it couldn’t learn from, for example, a link is quite frustrating.

I have the same problem…uploaded quite some information, but Rich is not able to learn… not much of a brain so far

Same problem… I tried uploaded different files but have “fail to learn” message or at chat session “something went wrong” message

Hi @pcom, @EggerC & @Hakanerman!

Thanks for your feedback. We have just fixed an issue that was causing recent nodes to fail learning - the issue was caused by the specific version of the database that we use for our chat embeddings, which occurred yesterday unexpectedly.

It has now been fixed, and we’re working on automatically learning all the nodes that failed to learn because of this, including the information and files you mention in your comments.

I will let you know once it’s updated! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the fix! However that does not address the issue - we need some idea of why it failed to learn.

The reason why a node might have failed to learn is slightly more complicated to explain.

The issue can be one of many factors, but it’s often caused by several things at the same time; which makes the explanation not very straightforward to put into words.

Nonetheless, we’ll look into it to see if there’s any way around it.


Perhaps add an optional log which we could enable in settings. The log could not only catch errors but also actions we’ve taken?