Evernote is importing incomplete notes

Evernote import has created empty notes or left text out of notes with mixed text and images.

This is how the Evernote version compares to the MyReach note:

There wasn’t a lot of text, but it’s gone. In most of the imported notes. I thought maybe it was only in notes with images, but no. Many of my notes with just an address or small snippets of information are now just a header with no body text. This is really disappointing and makes the tool useless if it’s going to corrupt data. I really love the concept but I need to know this is being fixed.

I also don’t understand why imported notes with markdown lose their formatting? Am I missing something?

Hey @kinetik

Thanks for your feedback – we haven’t seen that bug before so thank you for reporting it!

We have been trying to replicate the bug you mentioned but haven’t been able to reproduce it, and hence fix it… could you please give me some more details as to what text is not being created in the note.

Separately, looking at the pictures you shared in your post I can’t clearly see what text wasn’t created when importing as both seem to be the same to me.

Look forward to hear back from you and thanks again for reporting the issue

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